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MEGHAN WARD is an award-winning writer and book editor working on a memoir titled Paris On Less Than $10,000 a Day. She writes book reviews for the San Francisco Chronicle and has had her work published in 7x7 magazine, San Francisco magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, the Oakland Tribune, and the anthology It's So You: 35 Women Write about Personal Expression Through Fashion and Style. In 2007, she won the first prize for Travel Writing for Field Report.com.

After graduating from UCLA in 1999 with a BA in English, she worked for three years as a daily news reporter and managing editor before giving it up in 2002 to teach writing. In 2006 she graduated from Mills College with an MFA in Creative Writing and, that same year, moved into an office at the San Francisco Writers' Grotto, where she continues to write and teach social media classes today.

She blogs weekly at Writerland.com.